L'Atelier at French Lick Indiana

Leslie Blackford

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Class Description:

Modern Relics

About Leslie:
I have been working with Polymer clay for about 20 years and teaching for 17 years. I live in a rural area of south central Kentucky. I work under the studio name "Moodywoods"

People ask me quite often about the name and the Moodywoods is a real place, it is an area on our farm that is thick and dense forest that it filled with natural wonders.

I am completely inspired and continually fascinated by nature. I use a very simple approach when it comes to teaching sculpting. It is no secret, I just show how I do it and it seems to help people that think that they cant sculpt to change their minds. I love what I do and I feel so lucky and honored to be allowed to teach in such a wonderful community of people as I have found through polymer clay.